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Rekha Chowdhary

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ICSSR National Fellow Department of Political Science University of Jammu

Rekha Chowdhary is presently ICSSR National Fellow and is affiliated with University of Jammu. Earlier she served as Professor of Political Science in University of Jammu. Among her edited publications in the recent years include Identity Politics in Jammu and Kashmir http://www.amazon.in/Identity-Politics-Jammu-Kashmir-Chowdhary/dp/818976635X and Border and People: An Interface http://www.cdr-india.org/pdf's/march-2013/Concept.pdf Her two areticles in the edited volues are ‘Kashmir in the Indian Project of Nationalism’ http://www.palgrave.com/PDFs/9781137029577_sample.pdf and ‘Terrorism and Political Mobilisation in Kashmir’ . She also published an article ‘The summer of unrest’, http://www.india-seminar.com/2011/620/620_rekha_chowdhary.htm. Apart from these, she has published various articles in the national academic journals and edited volumes.

Working on issues related to Jammu and Kashmir, she has explored these from the perspective of ethnicity, nationalism, democracy, federalism, conflict and peace building and gender etc. She was coordinator of UGC’s Special Assistance Programme in University of Jammu which specialized on identity politics in J&K. Among various research projects that she has already completed include the UGC major project on ‘Impact on Militancy on Women of J&K’; CDR and EU funded projected on ‘Border and People’; Conciliation Resources (London) funded project on ‘Political Economy of Cross LoC trade’, and NRMC funded project on ‘Status of Panchayati Raj in Jammu and Kashmir’. As ICSSR National Fellow she is currently working on a project ‘Impact of Militancy on the liberal and Plural Ethos of Jammu and Kashmir: Impact on Inter-community relations’.

Besides the present ICSSR Award, she has availed various other Awards and fellowships which include: Fulbright Fellowship that she availed in SAIS, Johns Hopkins University; Washington DC, Commonwealth Fellowship which she availed in QEH, Oxford University; Ford Foundation funded South Asia Visiting Scholars Programme Fellowship. Before she superannuated she held the position of Dean Research Studies in University of Jammu.

Selected Publications


  • Identity Politics in Jammu and Kashmir, Vitasta, 2010
Project Reports
  • Border and People: An Interface , 2013
  • Status of Panchayati Raj in J&K , 2012
  • Political Economy of Cross LoC Trade , 2010

Articles in Edited Volumes

  • Kashmir in the Indian Project of Nationalism’ in Nyla Ali Khan, The Parchment of Kashmir : History, Society and Polity, Palgrave Macmillan, 2012
  • ‘Jammu’s Relationship with Kashmir’, in Ira Pande, A Tangled Web: Jammu and Kashmir, Harper Collins, 2011
  • ‘Terrorism and Political Mobilisation in Kashmir’, in Jeorge Heine and Ramesh Thakur, The Dark Side of Globalization, UNU Press: Tokyo. 2011
  • ‘Federal Power Sharing: Study of Asymmetrical Federalism in Jammu and Kashmir’, in Akhtar Majeed (Ed), Federal Power Sharing : Accomodating Indian Diversity, Manak Publications, Delhi. 2009
  • ‘Electoral Politics in Separatist Context’ , in Sandeep Shastri, K.C. Suri and Yogendra Yadav (Eds) , Electoral Politics in India: Lok Sabha Elections in 2004 and Beyond, Oxford University Press, Delhi. (Co-Authored) 2009
Journals/ Academic Publications
  • ‘Kashmir: The Summer of Unrest’, Seminar, 620, April, 2011
  • The Second Uprising’, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLV No. 39, September 25, 2010
  • ‘Identity Politics and Regional Polarisation in J&K’, Economic and Political Weekly, May 8, 2010
  • ‘Electoral Politics in the Context of Separatism and Political Divergence: An Analysis of 2009 Parliamentary Elections in Jammu & Kashmir’, South Asia multidisciplinary Academic Journal, 3, 2009. 
  • ‘Separatist Sentiments and Deepening of Democracy’, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 44, No. 03, January 17-23, 2009.

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