Attitudes, anxieties and aspirations of India’s Youth: changing patterns
A Report

The report presents the findings of a sample survey-based study on India’s young population (15-34 year olds) conducted by the Centre for the Study in Developing Societies (CSDS) along with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) in April and May 2016. 

The study was conducted in 19 States of the country among 6122 respondents in the age group of 15-34 years-olds, for the latest study we decide not to include the 14-year-olds in our sample even as we retained the outer limit of 34 years. 

The survey was conducted using a standardised questionnaire (Appendix III) which was administered face to face at the residence of the respondents. In each of the 19 states where the survey was conducted, the questionnaire was translated in the local language that is understood by most people of the state. For example, in Kerala it was in Malayalam, in Gujarat in Gujarati, in Assam in Assamese, and in Haryana in Hindi. Most question in the questionnaire were structured, i.e., close ended. However, there were kept open-ended in order to find out the respondent’s spontaneous feelings about an issue giving him/her a pre-decided set of options. (Read More)





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