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Yatindra Singh Sisodia

Phone & Fax : 0734-2512450

Mobile :094253-80127

Email :yatindrasingh.sisodia@gmail.com

Location :

Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research 6, Bharatpuri Administrative Zone, Ujjain – (M.P.)

Yatindra Singh Sisodia is Professor at Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research, Ujjain. He is working with the Institute since 1993. Professor Sisodia works mainly on Democracy, Democratic Decentralisation, Rural Development, Tribal Issues, and Developmental Issues.

He has completed 20 research projects for various Central Ministries and Government Organizations like Planning Commission, ICSSR and ISRO on the issues of topical importance.

He is currently engaged in research projects on Comparative Political Analysis and Public Policy in India’s Federal Context: A Study on Politics of Food in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, Mainstreaming Youth in Local Governance, Social, Economic and Political Inclusion of Tribals: A Study with Reference to Madhya Pradesh and Assessment of the Actual Status of Devolution (Funds, Functions and Functionaries) to the Panchayat Raj Institutions in Madhya Pradesh.

Selected Publications:

Articles in Professional / Refereed Journals/ Edited Books 

  • ‘Saharia Primitive Tribal Group in Madhya Pradesh: Critical Evaluation of Welfare Measures Related to Health’ (with Tapas Dalapati) in S. N. Chaudhary (ed.), Tribal Health Scenario, Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 2012. 
  • 'Democratic Governance at Local Level: Evidences of Grassroots Institutions’ Functioning from Indian States in The India Economic Review (IIPM Journal), Volume VII, March 31, 2010. 
  • ‘Participatory Democracy at Grassroots Level: Experience of Decentralised Governance in Madhya Pradesh’ in Anand Kumar & Manish Tiwari (Eds.), Quest for Participatory Democracy, Rawat Publications, Jaipur 2010. 
  • 'Madhya Pradesh: Congress Makes Unexpected Gains'(with Ram Shankar) in Economic and Political Weekly, Volume XLIV, No. 39, September 26, 2009. 
  • ‘Madhya Pradesh: Sthayi Banati Do Dhruviya Rajneeti’ in Arvind Mohan (Ed.), Loktantra ka Naya Lok: Chunavi Rajneeti mein Rajyon ka Ubhar, Vanee Prakashan, New Delhi, 20009. 
  • ‘Panchayat Raj in Scheduled Areas after Implementation of PESA: Evidences from Western Tribal Belt of Madhya Pradesh’ in S. N. Chaudhary (Ed.), Tribal Development Since Independence, Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2009 
  • ‘Evolution of Panchayat Raj in India: An Analysis of Development from Independence to Post-73rd Amendment Scenario’ in Yatindra Singh Sisodia (Ed.), India’s Development Scenario: Challenges and Prospects, Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 2009.
  • 'Madhya Pradesh: Overriding the Contours of Anti-Incumbency'(with Ram Shankar) in Economic and Political Weekly, Volume XLIV, No. 6, February 7, 2009. 
  • ‘Implementation of PESA and People’s Empowerment: Evidences from Tribal Regions of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat in Local Government Quarterly (A Journal of All India Institute of Local Self-Government) Vol. LXXVII No. 4, October-December, 2008.
  • Decentralised Governance and Panchayat at Work: Evidences from Madhya Pradesh’ in The Icfai Journal of Public Administration Vol. IV No. 2, April, 2008.
  • ‘Capacity Building for Panchayati Raj Functionaries in Madhya Pradesh, in G. Palanithurai (Ed.), Dynamics of New Panchayati Raj System in India, Volume VI (Capacity Building), Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, 2007. 
  • Decentralised Governance at Grassroots Level: Experience of Panchayat Raj System in Madhya Pradesh, in Yogesh Atal and D. C. Sah (Eds.), Exploring Social Frontiers, Rawat Publications, 2007. 
  • ‘People’s Participation in Grassroots Governance through Gram Swaraj: A Case from Villages of Madhya Pradesh’ in R. R. Prasad and G. Rajanikanth (Eds.), Rural Development and Social Change, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, 2006.
  • ‘Participatory Democracy and Women’s Performance in Panchayat Raj Institutions: Evidences from Madhya Pradesh’ in Jaya Arunachalam and U. Kalpagam (Eds.), Development and Empowerment: Rural Women in India, Rawat Publications, Jaipur, 2006. 
  • 'Decentralised Governance in Madhya Pradesh: Experiences of the Gram Sabha in Scheduled Areas' in Economic and Political Weekly, Volume XXXVII, No. 40, October 5-11, 2002.

Authored/Edited Books

  • Democratic Governance and Human Development: Stocktaking and Future Strategies', Rawat Publications, Jaipur (2013).
  • Madhya Pradesh Main Panchayat Raj Vyavastha: Vividh Ayam, Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy, Bhopal (2011)
  • Adiwasi Bharat', with Professor Yogesh Atal, Rawat Publications, Jaipur (2011). 
  • Translated book in Hindi ‘Rural Development: Principles, Policies and Management’ by Katar Singh, Sage Publications (2009), published jointly by Sage Publications and Rawat Publications (2011). 
  • ‘India’s Development Scenario: Challenges and Prospects', Rawat Publications, Jaipur (2009).
  • ‘Experiment of Direct Democracy: Gram Swaraj in Madhya Pradesh', Rawat Publications, Jaipur (2007).
  • Rural Development: Macro-Micro Realities', Rawat Publications, Jaipur. (2007)
  • ‘Functioning of Panchayat Raj System', Rawat Publications, Jaipur. (2005)
  • ‘Tribal Issues in India', Edited with D. C. Sah, Rawat Publications, Jaipur. (2004)
  • ‘Elementary Education and Girls' Literacy in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh', Rawat Publications, Jaipur. (2003)

Professor Sisodia has written articles in Kurukshetra and other hindi journals and magazines and contributed to newspapers like Hindustan Times, Naidunia and Dainik Bhaskar. He has coordinated many seminars and workshops and particularly coordinating a training course on research methodology in social sciences every year for more than a decade and has participated in various seminars, workshops and conferences of national and international importance in India and abroad. He visited USA in International Visitor’s Leadership Program of US Department in 2010.

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