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K.M.Sajad Ibrahim

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Associate Professor Department of Political Science, University of Kerala, Kariavattom P.O Thiruvananthapuram Kerala

Dr.K.M.Sajad Ibrahim is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, University of Kerala. He is also the Hon. Director, UGC-Nehru studies Centre, University of Kerala. He joined as the faculty member in the University of Kerala in 2005. He had served as a Lecturer in the Sree Sanakarachariya University of Sanaskrit, Kalady, Kerala, and Research Associate in the Department of Politics and Public Administration in the University of Madras, Chennai. He received PhD from the University of Kerala in 1995. His important areas of research include: West Asian Politics, Indian democracy and Elections, Issues of Muslims and Minorities in India, Terrorism in India and the World, Human rights etc.

Some of his academic achievements include: Participation in the International Visitor ship program, the Study of the United States Institute Programme of the US State Department, conducted by the Donahue Institute, University of Massachusetts, USA, from 20 June – 31 July 2008; Honorary Citizenship by the Mayor of City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA in recognition of the friendship, cooperation and dedication to exemplary civic service in July 2008; Dr.Ramaswamy Mudaliar Gold Medal of University of Kerala in 1990; and Prof. K.V. Nandan Menon Prize from University of Kerala 1990.

Recent Publications:

Articles in Journals

  • “UDF Setback in the Kerala Legislative Assembly Election 2011,” Social Science in Perspective, Vol.3, Issue 3&4, July-December 2011, pp.237-246.
  • “India’s Collaboration with Israel: A Policy of Opportunism” FPRC Journal (New Delhi) No.5, 2011, pp.139-151
  • “Kerala: A Negative Veridct on LDF Government”, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol.XLIV, No.39, September 2009, pp.118-121
  • “Attitude of Indian Muslims towards Nationalism: Misconceptions and Contemporary Realities”, Journal of Polity and Society (Thiruvananthapuram), Vo.1, No.2, January-June 2008, pp.58-74.
  • “Hamas and the Right of Return of the Palestinian Refugees: A Standstill in the Peace Talks”, India Quarterly, Vol.LXII, No.2, April-June, 2006, pp.132-150.

Articles in Edited Volumes

  • "The Prospects for Ecotourism in Kerala: A Review of Thenmala Project" in Merson, John, Rosie Cooney and Paul Brown (eds.) (2012), Conservation in a Crowded World: Case Studies from the Asia-Pacific (Sydney:UNSW Press)
  • “Impact of India’s Partnership with Israel: Major Trends in the Post-cold War Period”, in Anwar Alam (Ed.), (2011), India, Global Powers and West Asia: Political and Economic Dynamics, New Delhi: New Century Publications.
  • Indian Democracy and the Challenges of Multiculturalism: An Inclusive Citizenship Approach”, in G. Gopa Kumar (ed.), (2011). Towards an Inclusive India: Role of Parliament in Social Change, pp. 125-137, New Delhi: Manak Publications
  • “Criminalisation of Politics and the Ominous Trends in Indian Democracy”, in G.Gopa Kumar Ed.), (2007), Future of Parliamentary Democracy in India (New Delhi: Icon Publishers)
  • “Peace and Terrorism in the Middle East: An Insight into Hamas and Islamic Jihad”, in G.Gopa Kumar (ed.) (2006), Iraq War and the Future World Order (New Delhi: Icon Publications)

Authored Books

  • Palestinian Distress: The Ambiguity of Former Soviet Policy (Delhi: Abhijeet Publications, 2007)

Edited Books

  • South Asia : Post-Nehruvian Dynamics of Diplomacy (Edited Volume), (Delhi: New Century Publications, 2013)
  • Globalisation, Fundamentalism and Terrorism: Issues in South India (Edited Volume), (Delhi: Abhjeet Publications, 2012)


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