Lokniti-CSDS-Common Cause Status of Policing in India

Lokniti and Common Cause launched India’s first Status of Policing in India Report (SPIR 2018) at the India Habitat Centre, Delhi on May 9, 2018. The release was followed by a panel discussion on People-Centric Policing and the Rule of Law.

The participants of the panel discussion were former Law Commission Chairman Justice A. P. Shah, former DGP and Indian Police Foundation Chairman Mr. Prakash Singh and Human Rights lawyer, Ms. Warisha Farasat. The discussion was chaired by Professor Suhas Palshikar Co-Director of the Lokniti Programme.

The report sets out to ask hard questions on law enforcement in 22 states across India, and tries to study and evaluate policing in India. The report is a combination of performance and perception about policing through an analysis of official data and an elaborate perception survey. It also highlights the gaps and systemic inefficiencies which have become endemic in almost all states even though these have been flagged by CAG reports year after year.

SPIR 2018 also aims to spark national conversations around police-community relations as they exist in various Indian states. In fact, the analysis in this report is arranged primarily in terms of best or worst-performing states. The information is also given on parameters like age, gender, caste, community, urban/ rural or economic/educational status. The survey provides snapshots of levels of fairness and responsiveness of the criminal justice system to distress and crime, and the levels of accessibility and impartiality with respect to the society’s vulnerable sections.

The performance indicators have been developed on the basis of official data for five years until 2016.Forty-three variables have been categorised into six main themes (i.e. crime rate, disposal of cases by police and courts, diversity in the police force, police infrastructure, prison data and disposal of cases of crimes against SCs/STs/ women and children.) The report also analyses critical deficiencies flagged by the CAG in its audit reports of 11 states spread over a decade.

The report brings out the fact that the states have a pro-active role to play in improving policing and making citizen’s voice count. Therefore, this report is also aimed at those who would like to locate the performance of a particular state or study the specific details of sub-themes through detailed annexure at the end of the report. These are tabular representations of select objective data, state-wise compliances to Supreme Court guidelines and technical details of survey indices.


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