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13th Summer Workshop on Quantitative Research Methods 2019


Lokniti - Programme for Comparative Democracy, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi, invites applications for the Summer Workshop on ‘Analyzing Quantitative Data on Indian Politics’ to be held in Bengaluru during the second or third week of July 2019.


This is the 13thSummer School being organized by Lokniti-CSDS. Some of the leading scholars working on empirical methods in Political Science have been involved in designing this summer school. In this Summer School, there will be special emphasis on the understanding of quantitative data on Indian politics. We plan to bring together a group of political scientists with the aim of providing them with an opportunity to improve their skills in quantitative analysis. The selected participants will be given a set of readings before they come to attend the workshop and will be expected to attend lectures and practical data analysis sessions.


We invite the following categories of candidates to apply for this workshop (preference will be given to young researchers):


a. Teachers of Political Science in colleges and universities who are working on empirical subjects and would benefit from further training.

b. Research students of Political Science who are working on empirical themes for their M. Phil. or Ph. D. dissertations and can benefit from further training.

c. Any other person (including those from outside Political Science and outside academia) who are interested in making sense of politics by analyzing quantitative data.


Please send your detailed CV with a statement of research interest (those already registered for MPhil or PhD should clearly mention the topic of dissertation along with a brief summary of the objectives and methodologies used) in about 500 words. Applicants should also go through the questionnaire used for understanding the Mood of the Nation survey. The questionnaire can be accessed here (https://bit.ly/2TNhXpw). Participants are expected to submit a 500-word note on a research question that interests them based on this questionnaire. Selection for the workshop will be made on the basis of these two write-ups submitted by candidates besides their CV. The last date for receiving the application is 15th April 2019.


Please note that this is a full-time residential training course and candidates admitted to the workshop are expected to stay at the Institute and engage in full-time work on all days during this period.


Participants need to bear their travel expenses from their place of residence to Bengaluru and back. The host institution will take care of the accommodation and food for all the participants for the entire duration of the workshop.


Please send your applications by email to summerschool@csds.in.


Director, Lokniti, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies

29 Rajpur Road, Civil Lines,


Delhi 110 054

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